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The most pequliar blog of Made of Sundays

One minute Laptop makeover

Give your laptop a touch of bling making it look as cool as a whiskey sipping Jude Law on a mediterranean sailing ship. How? Check out this quick laptop makeover and...

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Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

Hey you awesome parents to be! Here you have few ideas to create the ultimate gender neutral nursery for your brand new human being! 

Cozy & Colourful

Lots of wood, retro colours and a mix of patterns. Just add a bunch...

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Beautiful Poster and Decal Light Boxes

Our hand built premium light boxes are now available for posters and decals. The birch wood box is made by our favourite carpenter in Finland, and assembled by us in Helsinki. We have chosen the best quality Neonica led...

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Top 10 wall decal inspiration

Did you know that we have the best customers in the world who also tend to have some really insanely awesome homes? Well it's true, and that's why we are so happy to be able to share some of the...

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