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Our popular wooden poster hangers are now also available in 52 cm wide

You can now also get our handy wooden poster hangers in a wider 52 cm size, specially designed for the standard 50x70cm poster format so that you end up with a nice 1cm of extra on both sides. The hangers are available in both stylish light birch and strong dark ovangkol. Each hanger is 100% hand made by our favourite carpenter, and ships worldwide from us here in Helsinki.

These hangers are a great alternative to traditional poster frames, as they are super easy to attach and hang. The wider poster hangers have three holes on the back side for hanging either by one, two or three screws. An aluminium list presses the poster snugly against the frame, keeping your poster both straight and safe from any press marks. We only use ecologically sustainable wood, coated with a thin layer of wax for protection.

Custom letter poster with wooden hanging frame

P.S. Don't forget to check out our different custom letter posters that look absolutely fab with the smaller a3 poster hangers. 

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