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✨ FREE SHIPPING for orders above 60 EUR ✨


Our Story

Our first wall stickers

The story of Made of Sundays starts around 2010 when we for the first time discovered wall decals. Alba brought home one set from one of her travels, and we instantly fell in love with just how easy it suddenly was to come up with something creative for our walls (oh how happy we were with a set of retro Space Invaders and some birds sitting on top of a telephone line)

Quite soon though we realized that not only was the material used not the best (we started to become aware of the environmental issues related to soft vinyl), but also the other designs out there at that time seemed to be pretty generic and not-exciting. That was when we for the first time (just for laughs) started to discuss the possibility if we actually do some ourselves.

Fast forward a few years and a bunch of brainstorming, Alba quit her job as a consultant and started as a full time entrepreneur. In the beginning it was very slim pickings and we had to make due with whatever materials were available at the time, so vinyl and a cutter is what we too had to work with. We still remember the brain-piercing sound that first cutter made (shout out to anyone who ever has used an early consumer-grade craft cutter before).

Why Made of Sundays?

At this point Thomas was still working as a design consultant under his name Sundays, which was a slightly silly reference to sunny days and a sort of self-reminder that life never just should be about work. When we started with the stickers we thought that these two someday yet might become intertwined, so our founding idea was that this would be the part of the company where things actually get made. Also, we really wanted the company to stand for a non-serious sunny style of living and attitude towards life - so the name seeme fitting.

Always improving

We knew that something better must be out there, so we never stopped looking and experimenting with alternative materials. It took us several years and countless rounds of research and testing before we finally managed to come out with a completely new and unique removable wall sticker, made of a thick matte paper instead of plastic. Bingo!

This is where we often like to think that our story as a "real" business actually starts. We took something that traditionally had been quite cheap, shiny and plastic and turned it into a something that feels much more quality, organic and inviting, just like traditional wallpaper (while still offering all the creative freedom and ease of use of wall stickers). Not only were we happy, but for the first time we felt that there really was a real possibility we might get this to work.

Now we are finally at a point where we actually think that "stickers" or "decals" as a word do not even really do our product justice, because they are so much more than that. They are a tool to unleash your own imagination on any smooth wall without the restraints of wallpaper and skills needed to paint a mural. The result looks almost painted on the wall. Our goal now is to give you full creative freedom, no matter if you simply are looking for something small to decorate above the crib or to do a full four-wall epic theme room.