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Do wall stickers damage walls?

Have you looked into decorating with wall stickers but still wonder about if they might leave lasting marks on your walls? This is a question we get a lot, and for a good reason, because who would...

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How many polka dot decals do I need for my wall?

This is without doubt the most common question we get, as Polka Dot wall decals are always a popular choice for easy and fast wall decor. With these simple guidelines we have you decorating with polka dots in no-time. ...

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Fuck Cancer weekend 15-16.9

This weekend we will donate 1 eur for every decal sold to SYLVA Org, a Finnish non-profit working with the brave children and their families who are forced to fight cancer. 

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Our Wall Decal materials 2018

We have adventured the world to discover the best decal materials in existence. Our premium quality Eco Matte paper decals are a fresh breath of recyclable eco-friendliness in the world of wall decor, while the Satin Semigloss polyester decals are...

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2018 Summer Wall Decal Colours

Great news colour lovers! We have now renewed our colour chart for the Summer 2018. You can get all the basic eco-friendly wall decal shapes in 15 delicious colours and 8 mixes. If you see that some particular decal set...

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