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We are ready for the summer!

Hey sunshines! Made of Sundays prepares for HOLIDAYS! To set the mood and get the party going we made a small video of clips from the last two summers! 

PLEASE NOTE! Our store will be closed between 24.6 - 7.7, all orders placed after the 22.6 will be shipped as soon as possible after our return the 7.7. Thanks for your infinite patience!

P.S. We love you and you are very nice!

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Cheer up everyday objects in no time!

Use our decals to easily transform your plain everyday objects to something cute and happy! Here is how:

Our face decals are guaranteed to give personality to even the most boring spaces. Asides from smooth objects, these adhesive faces will fit perfectly on 15 x 15 cm tiles as well as walls, laptops, furniture or that lonely desk space of yours. 

Need a face in your life? Get yours from here

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One minute Laptop makeover

Give your laptop a touch of bling making it look as cool as a whiskey sipping Jude Law on a mediterranean sailing ship. How? Check out this quick laptop makeover and become a 100% certified Made of Sundays laptop decal expert in no time. 

All you have to do now is pick your fav decal from our glorious laptop collection and get ready to personalize your laptop in no time. You can also use them in any other smooth surface such walls, tiles, closets or windows. 

P.S. No porcupines were harmed in the making on this video :-)

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Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

Hey you awesome parents to be! Here you have few ideas to create the ultimate gender neutral nursery for your brand new human being! 

Cozy & Colourful

Lots of wood, retro colours and a mix of patterns. Just add a bunch of paper pompoms to bring the whole look together. There you have it, pure awesomeness. (Pssst! Can you spot Lola the Unicorn and the Cactus Height Chart?)

Gender Neutral Rooms | Made of Sundays

Giuliegiordi / Fox Eating Skyr 


We are big fans of the Nordic style, especially when the minimal Scandinavian look is combined with strong hints...

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Beautiful Poster and Decal Light Boxes

Beautiful Poster and Decal Light Boxes

Our hand built premium light boxes are now available for posters and decals. The birch wood box is made by our favourite carpenter in Finland, and assembled by us in Helsinki. We have chosen the best quality Neonica led lights to give an even and long-lasting light to your box.

Our boxes can be fitted with either warm or daylight white led's with an expected life span of 100 000 hours. You can also choose your box with suitable wall plugs for the EU, UK and USA homes. All our boxes come with a white power cable with an on/off switch for easy use.


Wooden Poster Lightbox

The poster light box comes with two sheets of clear acrylic attached to a slide-out handle that keeps...

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Guimo Height Charts and throw pillows

Wow we are super exited to stock some of the wonderfully quirky height charts, posters and pillows from the Spanish super duo Guimo. As a small introduction, we asked them a few veeeery important questions that pretty much defines their existence in this universe. 

5 things that we like

    The sea
    To play with Guillem, our son
    Sing in the car
    Sundays at home

    5 things we hate

       To vacuum
       Rainy days
       That our plants always end up dying
       That the...

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      Easy to use handmade wooden poster hanger frames

      Easy to use handmade wooden poster hanger frames

      Our love for wall decorations don't just stop at wall decals, as we are really big fans of traditional print and poster art too. It's just that hanging the prints have always been a bit of a pain for us (I guess most of you can relate to that).

      That's why we have collaborated with a Finnish carpenter to create a set of premium hand made wooden poster hangers that now are available in our store both in dark (ovangkol and mahogany) or light wood (birch). All of our poster hangers are carefully crafted and come with a natural oil finish, ensuring a long life and great looks.

      We currently stock 33 cm (13 inch) wide frames, making them perfect for a3 posters. The hangers work best when the poster is about 2-5 cm narrower than the actual frames (it looks great when...

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