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How many polka dot decals do I need for my wall?

This is without doubt the most common question we get, as Polka Dot wall decals are always a popular choice for easy and fast wall decor. We actually have a couple really simple guidelines for placing your polka dot decals depending of the size of dots: 

Small polka dot decals

How to space small polka dot decals

For our small decals we recommend a spacing of about 20 - 30 cm between each decal. This means that for each square meter you would need 15-20 decals, depending on how tightly you feel like placing them. Of course, if you wish to build clusters or other shapes then your needs might be different, but for most basic polka dot wall decal layouts this should be more than enough. Our standard sets of small polka dots contain 35 decals, which should be enough for at least 2 square m of wall. 

Bigger polka dot decals

How to space big polka dot decals

Our bigger 6 cm polka dots look better with a bit more spacing. Usually we recommend to use between 40 - 60 cm in between each dot, even though you could go with even bigger spacing if you want a minimalist look. So for one square meter you would need about 6 - 9 decals. Each big set of polka dots have 24 decals, which should be enough for around 3 square meters. And again, if you prefer a tighter spacing count a few more dots per meter. 

Now you have graduated our polka dot university, and are ready for the real world! Take a look at all our polka dot wall decals and let's decorate that awesome room. 

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