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From Finland with love

Made of Sundays is a small and colourful family run design studio in Helsinki that makes fun and easy wall decor for happy homes. In our shop you will find premium quality wall decals and stickers for all the even surfaces in your life, all made in Finland. We also make the coolest custom stickers out of your own photos, as well as personalised kids room name stickers for your loved ones. Our best vibes comes from you having a good time, so a big sunny hug to you and welcome to our pastel coloured sticker heaven!

Impactful design for homes and companies

We design and produce high-quality stickers for lovely people and homes around the world. Together with great clients of all sizes we also design creative indoor wall and window displays for stores, offices, fairs and exhibitions.

Nice to meet you
Alba, Made of Sundays


Loves puppies, kittens or anything fluffy, Alba is also known for naming plants and other inanimate objects around the office. She hates waking up early, darkness and uncooperative hair. Used to work as a consultant before she decided that drawing happy little creatures was more her thing. Read my story.

Gemma, Made of Sundays


Our multitasker. Former Criminologist/Pastry chef; she loves cat videos, barbecued ribs and everything sloth-related, she hates all kinds of spiders, store bought cakes and dirty hair. Everything Gemma touches instantly turns into cute. Read my story.

Thomas, Made of Sundays


Loves coffee, surfing and his Vespa, he hates to decide what’s for dinner, non-crispy bacon and burnt popcorn. Really good at these web-things, also works as a freelance consultant and designer over at Read my story.

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