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The most pequliar blog of Made of Sundays

Made of Sundays 2 years!

PARTY LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW, BECAUSE MADE OF SUNDAYS IS 2 YEARS OLD! Seriously, we want to thank you all so much! <3

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Time to present ourselves: Thomas

Made of Sundays - Thomas

Fiiiiinally, introduction time (it has taken us too long, really)! 

I'm the Finnish part of our small family, and basically the reason why we ended up here in...

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Made of Sundays on SnapChat

Hey loves! Join un on a behind-the-scenes look over at Snapchat. Jsut add us by scanning the snap code over here or username madesundays as we would love to see your cute faces over there!...

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How to install a wall decal

Feeling confused over how wall decals work? No worries, we made this small video tutorial on how to install a wall decal a while ago. 

It really isn't very difficult. :) And we love answering all kinds of questions...

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Made of Sundays moves to Shopify!

Gosh, big changes around here. We have moved ship over to Shopify, so there might occur some random strangeness in the beginning while we are fixing things up. Anyway, you are a mighty awesome person and we hope you like...

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