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DIY Modern Gift Wrapping

This Christmas we are going full DIY on the gift wrapping. There are plenty of diy guides and ideas out there on how to make cheap and fast wrapping paper (old newspaper always work great), but this year we want to spice it up a bit by using simple pattern stamps to create our own super fun and personal wrapping paper. 

DIY Gift Wrapping | Made of Sundays

For this wrapping session we use absolutely plain white paper (thicker works better, as it gives more structure and is less prone to tear) and some funky stamps; we used this Festive Stamp Kit which offers lots of possibilities, but you can obviously use whatever cute Christmassy (or not) pattern stamp you might have lying around the house. The die-hard DIY families obviously carve their own stamps out of potatoes but this time we are going to go where the fence is lower and use a pre-made set. 

All you need to do now is to stamp away! Make your wrap even more interesting by combining a couple different of colors and elements to create lovely patterns on the wrapping paper. Just remember to check that the ink is properly dried before actually wrapping your gifts. The happy wrapping gang from Made of Sundays wishes you the best holiday season ever!

DIY Modern Gift Wrapping

 DIY Modern Gift Wrapping | Made of Sundays

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