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Wall decals for a Boho Chic Nursery - Made of Sundays

Wall decals for a Boho Chic Nursery

We know that finding the right nursery decor that fits both your home style and will create a kid-friendly space for your little one can be challenging. With that in mind, we are thrilled to introduce our new wall decal series: Boho Rainbows, stars and clouds, aiming to create a calm soothing decor that fits like a glow with any neutrally toned nursery or kids room. And the cool thing (like always) is that these wall decals are so easy to install that you can bring a boho chic vibe to any space with zero tools and in no time at all.

Quick & Easy Boho style room makeover


Rainbows, clouds and stars for all your walls

The Boho wall decal series include Rainbows, Clouds and Stars wall decals in different sizes. They can be purchased separately to be used as a single eye-catcher or combined in a Theme pack for a full modern bohemian look.


Spread them out or create interesting clusters 

Like most of our wall decals these cuties look great both as clusters or evenly spaced over the whole wall. You can use existing wall decor like shelves and frames as focal points and arrange the stars and rainbows around these. The rainbows and stars will specially great in all rooms that feature a warm beige and/or pink color theme.  

Also available as a full wall covering peel and stick wallpaper

Looking for something more than just wall decals? No worries, we also offer the same look as a full wall covering peel and stick wallpaper that looks great in any space; Bohemian chic rainbows peel & stick wallpaper

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