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Cool cat houses for modern felines

From ice-cream trucks to a DIY Palm Springs inspired home, here you have the coolest cat houses that will sure impress even the most demanding feline. Or you can just turn your cat into a giant burger. Meow.

Cool Cat homes for...
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Epic cat fails of the week

Wohooo! It is finally #Caturday! Here at Made of Sundays we are big fans of feline humor and part of our daily work consists in looking for cat gifs. Well, not really...but anyway, we spent our Saturday...

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Top animal videos of the week

Hey love, are you bored at work or need a handful of cheer in your life. We have collected a set of weekly awesome happy animal videos for your enjoyment!

Flying-Fox Bat eats grapes

Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters, an animal rescue organization and group of no-kill shelters headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, has produced a hilarious online commercial that’s absolutely purr-fect.

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