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3 Unusual Valentine Cards

If you have had enough with the typical Valentine card, stuffed animals and cheesy Valentine messages, please continue reading. We have selected our favourite valentine cards for all the unconventional romantics out there.

Taco card from Yellow Owl Workshop

Valentines card by Yellow Owl Workshop

Say it with a Taco or don't say it at all. That's definitely our kind of card. From Yellow Owl Workshop

Cheeky cards from Banter Cards

Unusual Valentines cards

The philosophy of Banter Cards is simple, minimalistic design and brutally honest messages. Definitely not for everybody, but it sure makes us giggle. 

The cutest animal cards by Gemma Correll

Gemma Correll Tarjeta de San Valentín

Gemma Correll has a fun selection of cards perfect for the introvert lover.

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