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Funny cats of the week

Because Monday is coming and we all know they can get a bit tough, we have put together the most epic cat GIFs ever seen on the Internet this week. If number #4 does not make your laugh, nothing will.  

#1 When your kids have FINALLY gone to bed

Funny Cats of the week #1
Source Funny Cat GIFs

#2 When your butt looks amazing in your new jeans

Funny Cats of the week #2 
Source Gati Gats

#3 When you have been at home the whole day

Funny Cats of the week #3
Source Gods Catblog 

#4 When you open your mailbox after the holidays

Funny Cats of the week #4
Source: News Cat Gifs

#5 When everyone else orders salad for lunch

Funny Cats of the week #5
Source: News Cat Gifs

#6 When you have given up on life in general

Funny Cats of the week #5
Source: Cat Gif Central

Hungry for more? We got more cat GIF's over here.

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