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Butterflies Watercolour Wall Stickers, wall decals by Made of Sundays
Butterflies Watercolour Wall Stickers, wall decals by Made of Sundays
Butterflies Watercolour Wall Stickers, wall decals by Made of Sundays
Butterflies Watercolour Wall Stickers, wall decals by Made of Sundays
Butterflies Watercolour Wall Stickers, wall decals by Made of Sundays
Butterflies Watercolour Wall Stickers, wall decals by Made of Sundays

Butterflies Watercolour Wall Stickers

18.00 €

From each order we donate .50 EUR to the education of Girls

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Our realistic Watercolour Butterfly decals will look awesome in any space, from playful kids rooms and nurseries to plain white office rooms. Pro tip: The butterfly decals look best in clusters or placed like they would fly out from a corner. For size reference, the cluster shown in the second picture measures around 70 x 65 cm. 

  • Contains: 20 colourful watercolour butterflies
    • Size biggest butterfly: 13 x 8 cm (5" x 3") 
    • Premium wall decals for even indoor walls
    • Self-adhesive and removable
    • Environmentally friendly wall decor: PVC-free and non-toxic
    • Made with love in Finland

    Eco Matte paper wall decals

    We have adventured the world to discover the best decal materials in existence. Our wall decals are a fresh breath of recyclable eco-friendliness in the world of wall decor. Completely plastic free and non-toxic (no pthalates, formaldehyde or solvents used), these wall decals are a great fit for all indoor spaces including nurseries where the tiniest family members reside. Thanks to a soft water based acrylic adhesive these decals are easy to both reposition and remove without leaving traces.

    Paper Wall Decals

    Plastic free and non-toxic

    The first completely plastic free wall decals; our peel and stick matte paper wall decals have the fabulous soft feel of traditional wallpaper. Decorating your walls have never been faster or easier. The materials are produced in Europe and 100% recyclable and non-toxic. Just try them, we pinky promise that they will blow your mind.

    Repositionable Wall Decals

    Easy to remove and reposition

    We care about your walls, and that's why our decals come with a very soft and removable adhesive. This also means that our stickers are for even smooth indoor surfaces only (not recommended for curved or textured walls). If you are wondering if your walls are suitable for our decals we also offer sample pieces for you to test.

    Worldwide Shipping

    All our stickers are carefully cut and packed to order in our small studio in Helsinki; we try to be as quick as lightning but it might take 1 - 2 days before your lovely package is on its way (depending if you order is custom made for you). All of our international shipments with DHL Express come with tracking.

    Flat Rate Shipping

    We are happy to offer Flat Rate shipping with DHL to all orders, regardless of its size or weight. Get Express Shipping for 6.90 € within EU and starting from 10.90 € for the rest of the world. Estimated delivery time with DHL Express is 2 - 5 business days for Europe and 5 - 8 business days for the rest of the world. See all shipping prices & locations here.

    Free Shipping on orders above 90€

    All orders above 90 € will get FREE SHIPPING. Estimated delivery time is 6 - 9 business days for orders within Europe and 9 - 15 business days for the rest of the world. The parcel will be delivered by your local postal service.

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    Yötaivas tähtikartta, avaruus


    Nopea palvelu, tyytyväinen asiakas! Lahjansaaja piti kovasti!


    Cake Yksisarviset Teemapakkaus


    Kuumailmapallot ja pilvet seinätarrojen teemapakkaus

    Sinivihreä polkadot seinätarra

    Tuote oli aivan ihana ja juuri sellainen kuin odotin, mutta pysyy tosi huonosti seinässä, vaikka kiinnitin ohjeiden mukaan. Repsottavat seinässä 😭😭

    Hei Nina!

    Voi ei, onpa kerrassaan harmillista kuulla etteivät tarrat pysy kunnolla seinällä (varsinkin jos vielä muuten niistä tykkäsit) :(. Kaikki seinät ovat kuitenkin aina uniikkeja, ja saattaa olla että joko maali tai seinän rakenne ei ihan ole optimaalinen tarroille, joka aiheuttaa sen etteivät ne tartu ihan niin tiukkaan kun pitäisi (jos ne noin muuten tosiaan ovat ohjeiden mukaisesti kiinnitetty). Usein voi käydä niin että jokin kulma hieman alussa repsottaa, mutta niiden pitäisi ajan myötä kiinnittyä paremmin liiman hieman kovettuessa parin ensimmäisen viikon aikana. Jos näin kuitenkaan syystä tai toisesta kuitenkaan ei käy, korvaamme ilman muuta sinulle tarrojen hinnan. Olen sinuun aiheesta vielä erikseen sähköpostitse yhteydessä.

    Oli kovin kohteliasta sinulta kuitenkin jättää 5-tähden arvostelu tuotteesta joka ei toiminut täysin kuten olisi pitänyt :) .

    Aurinkoisin terveisin,

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    Because your products are amazing and put a smile on everyone's face! And because you tell me that I'm an awesome person! ;-)

    Katleen, Belgium

    Fantastic idea. Good work. Nice items. Sweet customer service. Individual style. Fast shipping.

    Lilly, Germany

    A wonderful company to deal with! Thank you for the delightful sale, speedy service and wonderful product.

    Jacqueline, New Zeeland