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Tip: How to soothe a crying newborn

Are you, like so many other families, struggling with a grumpy newborn? It hardly comes as a surprise that diaper changing time can be challenging for many babies. A great and simple way to distract a newborn in distress is to use attention grabbing graphics on the wall or anywhere close by to your baby.

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How to install a wall decal pattern

Pattern decals are a great and fast way to cheer up any surface. Polka dots, irregular dots, sprinkles, lightnings, rain drops are just a few examples of the patterns we have available. The first thing you need to decide is if you want to go for a geometric (evenly spaced) pattern or a more organic random one. We are great fans of randomness, but geometrically spaced ones gives you that wallpaper feel that works particularly great on bigger surfaces. 

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How to install a Made of Sundays door friend decal

Today on the University of Awesome Decal Skills we go trough how to install one of our premium door friend decals. And remember, if you have any questions at all regarding these door stickers, don't hesitate to ask in the comments. 

To remove our door stickers just gently peel them off with your nails. We use a high-quality ecological pvc-free vinyl for our black decals that are both easy to install and easy to remove. And we always recommend that you test your walls or doors with a piece of masking or washi tape to make sure that our decals will stick properly (some silicone-based paints and rough surfaces can be difficult for the adhesive). 

Sunshine and love,

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How to install a wall decal

Feeling confused over how wall decals work? No worries, we made this small video tutorial on how to install a wall decal a while ago. 

It really isn't very difficult. :) And we love answering all kinds of questions either here or over at Facebook & Instagram! 

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