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Create your own personalised Constellation & Star Sky poster

Bring the stars home or gift them to your loved ones! The shop has been updated with new Constellations & Star Sky posters that you can personalise with the night sky from any time and location on earth. See the full collection here!

In our new designs, we were looking for ways to subtly bring the stars into an illustrated landscape design. We really wanted to create something that is memorable and personal without being too kitschy and traditional.

How to make your own star sky map

Now you can choose also to get just one specific Zodiac constellation and combine it with any name or text (or just leave it as-is for a more simplistic design). We really love these new posters, and we hope that you will do so too! 



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1218 reviews

Yötaivas tähtikartta, avaruus

High quality and easy to set up

Very happy with the product. High quality, great design, easy to set up, and no issues if you have to move the stickers from one position to another.

The cutest stickers!!!

The stickers are just perfect! It was also so easy to stick on. The shipping was fast and packaged beautifully and carefully. Also love the cute little hand written note:) such a nice touch!

Vesiväri Kuumailmapallo-seinätarrat, vaaleanpunaiset

Kiitos😊 tykkään😍 ja ukko nyt muista vuosipäivän paremmin 😅