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Easy 5 Minute Crafts of the week

We have got a nice selection of mess-free DIY projects you can do in 10 minutes or less! They are fun, colorful and surprisingly simple to make. 

Recycled Plastic Bottle Cat Planter

We love cats, recycling and we have a serious addiction to cute plants. So imagine the level of awesomeness that surrounded us when we saw this super simple craft, which is by the way the best way ever to recycle plastic bottles. And if that would not enough, this is also a fun activity to do with kids. Head to Bru DIY to see the full tutorial. 

Plastic Bottle Cat Planter | 5 Minute Crafts with recycled materials

DIY Mini Jewellery Dish 

This easy-peasy DIY project left us all very impressed; I mean you don't even need a paint brush to create these beautiful little jewellery trays. Pop over to Paper & Stitch to check the step-by-step instructions.

DIY Mini Jewellery dish

Washi tape wall 

If you have a textured wall that cannot handle so well our wall decal patterns, this simple craft is one of the best non-permanent DIY room decor alternatives out there. If you are looking for last minute, super quick birthday decoration ideas, this will definitely do the trick. All you need Washi tape. That's it. Check the full tutorial here

DIY Washi Tape wall

Plastic food String lights

And talking about birthday party ideas, here you have the ultimate fun DIY room decor project. Food string lights!! So grab the drill and settle in for some fun. These string lights will also work great as party decoration for outdoor parties, we cannot wait for the summer to arrive so we can build our own! Head over Aww Sam to see the full tutorial. 

10 Minute DIY: Plastic Food String Lights 

DIY Temporary Tattoo Mugs

This is probably the easiest way to add a touch of personality to your mugs, regardless of your artistic skills. If you are looking for simple crafts to do with kids, or a last minute handmade gift, go check this tutorial because just seems so damn easy!

DIY Temporary tattoo mug

Now go and make something!

Best 10 Minute DIY projects!

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