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Easy to use handmade wooden poster hanger frames

Our love for wall decorations don't just stop at wall decals, as we are really big fans of traditional print and poster art too. It's just that hanging the prints have always been a bit of a pain for us (I guess most of you can relate to that).

That's why we have collaborated with a Finnish carpenter to create a set of premium hand made wooden poster hangers that now are available in our store both in dark (ovangkol and mahogany) or light wood (birch). All of our poster hangers are carefully crafted and come with a natural oil finish, ensuring a long life and great looks.

We currently stock 33 cm (13 inch) wide frames, making them perfect for a3 posters. The hangers work best when the poster is about 2-5 cm narrower than the actual frames (it looks great when the frames are a bit wider than the poster), but they can also be used with a poster of exact size.

Wooden print hangersHandmade wooden poster hangers


Handmade birch poster hanger frame

Handmade ovangkol poster hanger frame

Handmade wooden poster hanger frames

Wooden poster hangers now available here!


P.S. The posters are designed by the most talented Guimo Kids.

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