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Ikea Duktig kitchen hack, create your own ice cream parlour or lemonade stand - Made of Sundays

Ikea Duktig kitchen hack, create your own ice cream parlour or lemonade stand

Ikea Duktig, the classic kid's kitchen that continues to be a family favourite around the world. The cool thing with the Duktig is that not only does it serve as a small kitchen but the backside can also double down as an awesome lemonade stand or play kiosk for your tiny ones.

We took three of our favourite themes and drew different easy-to-use and personalisable sticker sets specifically designed for the Duktig. Any of these three sets can be applied to the backside of the kitchen in minutes, giving it a cool completely new look that is perfect for any games involving play selling or serving food.

How to hack your Ikea Duktig kitchen into an Ice Cream parlour

The Ikea Duktig Lemonade Stand

The Lemonade stand set is a fresh mint and yellow set with beautiful hand drawn lemons as decoration. The typeface is a classic old bistro type that reminds of vintage signs and good times. Personalise the text any way you want, it does not need to be anything related to lemons. 

The Ikea Duktig Cafe

The Cafe set is a stylish black, white and golden brown sticker pack that fits like a glove any space with a monochrome or minimalistic theme. This elegant set will surely impress any visitor to your Michelin starred establishment.

Ikea Duktig Cafe Hack


The Ikea Duktig Ice Cream Parlour

The  comes in three delicious colours: Mint, Pink and Yellow. Choose your preferred colour and give it any text of your choosing. 

Ikea Duktig Ice Cream stand hack

Personalised sign wall stickers

If you like the idea but don't own an Ikea kitchen or have it mounted against a wall, you can find each design also as a smaller sign sticker that can be personalised with your preferred text. These are great either attached straight on the wall or as a hangable sign when combined with a piece of cut-out cardboard or other rigid board.

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