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Fun wall sticker projects from our great customers

To get your creative mind flowing this week, we have collected a few of our recent favourite wall sticker projects shared by lovely clients (plus a couple of ideas we used to decorate our shop). Our wall decals really make all these decorative diy projects fun and easy to do.

Mamaramandra used the golden polka in a semi-random pattern that looks absolutely fabulous.

Polka dot pattern wall decals

Sushi the cat decal looks happy at Jules's home. 

Sushi the cat kids room door decal

That play kitchen with the quote decal is to dance for! We are 100% in love with this photo from Ansku.

My kitchen is for dancing wall decal

The Candle Monger made a near perfect setup of golden triangles. 

Golden triangle pattern decals

Marie used the Party Pattern to decorate her planter on wheels.

Furniture diy with wall decals

Lonneke Bubblemint used our wall sprinkle decals with great effect in her home office.

party sprinkle wall decals

We also made a diy-project with our new banana wall stickers! Our vintage table got a new funky look in a second.

Banana wall stickers furniture diy

That's all for this week, hope you found something to get your inspiration going! But remember, if you want to see more nice people doing great things with our wall stickers just head over our Instagram for daily inspiration!

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