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✨ Gift Shop: Get -20% on GIFTCARDS 🎄

Decorating has never been easier

Making your home uniquely yours can be time consuming and stressful. We make it a lot easier, less messy and more fun.

Decorating has never been easier

Dear human person,

We get it. Decorating your home can be hard, really hard.

You probably have a million other things to do, and the thought of washing paint brushes or removing wallpaper glue from your hair is the last thing you feel like doing right now.

Still you would like your home to be more of an inspiring happy place, and less of a drab medieval dungeon (unless dungeons are your thing, which is perfectly ok too).

Late nights endlessly browsing Pinterest boards, getting overwhelmed by Tiktok and depressed by out-of-reach Instagram influencers while the FOMU (fear of messing up) slowly creeps up as you read the latest tutorials on how to wallpaper those corners.


What kind of brushes do I use, how many litres of paint do I need? What do you mean there are different kinds of paints? Wait, what is a primer? Do I actually have any idea what I'm doing?

*Somebody please just tear my hair out*

You're reading this right now, because in some shape or form, your home isn't exactly as you want it to be. Perhaps you are dreaming of a complete home makeover, or just looking to have something cute above the crib of your newborn.

Only problem is, that instead of spending your precious free time reading up on how to wallpaper or covering up floors and windows with masking tape what you actually want to do is to play with your kids (yeah, right lol), trick your spouse into inviting you for brunch or just do whatever else that you ACTUALLY enjoy doing.

We've got good news for you, because soon you'll be feeling like "hey, I got this".

You'll be in control and a sense of calm will wash over you. And it all starts by choosing your own path below.

*Cue angels singing.*

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I bought the boho monkey stickers and the ice cream truck - they are absolutely gorgeous. Really clear and helpful instructions were included and even got a handwritten note of thanks. Genuinely lovely company and fab products - would definitely recommend (and have already done so!!)

🇬🇧 Julie J.

Selvä, mutta miksi juuri meidän seinätarrat?

1. Valmistettu paperista, ei muovista

1. Valmistettu paperista, ei muovista

Unohda kiiltävät muoviset tarrat tai haisevat vinyylit. Seinätarramme valmistetaan savipäällystetystä tapettipaperista jossa on vesipohjainen liima ja tuo meille kaikille niin tuttu pehmeä luonnollisen paperin tuntu.
2. Helppo asentaa

2. Helppo asentaa

Irroita ja liimaa! Selkeät ja yksinkertaiset ohjeet ja mukana tuleva testitarra takaa että tarroilla sisustaminen onnistuu kaikilta. Voit jopa kiinnittää ne yhdessä lapsesi kanssa mikäli sinusta tuntuu että oikein haluat kokeilla rajoja.
3. Ei stressiä eikä sotkua

3. Ei stressiä eikä sotkua

Ei huolta työkaluista, lattioiden suojaamisesta tai välineiden puhdistamisesta. Suunnittele, irroita ja liimaa - näin helppoa se on. Sinulle jää enemmän aikaa mimosan maisteluun ja viikonlopusta nauttimiseen.

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