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New cute wall stickers for kids rooms and nurseries - Made of Sundays

New cute wall stickers for kids rooms and nurseries

Our new cute wall stickers for kids rooms and nurseries are in store! These pvc-free eco-friendly and repositionable stickers are a perfect way to brighten up walls and furnitures. Use them to tell stories together with your kids. 

The happy animals of the savanna

Sweet pastel unicorns

Cute rainbows and cloud stickers 

These rainbows can be combined with the unicorn stickers for bigger patterns.

Colorful car stickers

Build a row of cars or use several sets to make a full wall pattern. These colorful car stickers are perfect for small kids rooms.

Seinätarrat autot lastenhuoneeseen

Solar system stickers

The solar system wall sticker set contains all the planets of our solar system. Build an accurate map of our near space together with your cute little astronaut. 

Aurinkokunta seinätarrat

Find all our beloved kids room wall stickers here. All stickers are designed and made in Finland.

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