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Ice cream parlour room make over - Made of Sundays

Ice cream parlour room make over

Have you been looking for inspiration on how to decorate your kids room? Today we have a fantastic example of a deliciously pastel coloured ice cream parlour interior for you, designed and created by Lonneke Bubblemint in Holland.

Lonneke Bubblemint ice cream room make over

Lonneke first wanted to move around the things in her daughter Noa’s room a bit to see if it would help with the sleeping problems they have been having. While moving the furniture around the room, Lonneke finally decided that they could go ahead and do a full room make-over at the same time. As pastel colours are all the fashion in the family, they instantly came up with the idea to design the room with a ice cream parlour theme.

By using generous amounts of paint paired together with fresh furniture, thematic bedding covers and smaller interior elements they managed to create an absolutely amazing room where you just can’t be without thinking about those warm summer days and mouth watering ice cream dripping in the sun.

Ice cream room make over ideas

We specially appreciate the striped canopies painted on the wall. White and minty blue together with the pastel pink background makes a wall so inspiring that we could sit around in front of it and drool the whole day long. Incidentally these colours are quite close to the ones we use on this very site, so no wonder that we love it so much.

Wall stickers add finishing touches to room design

Ice cream wall decals room make over

Our wall stickers also got a small role to play in the room make over. Lonneke chose our popsicle wall stickers as a way to add details to the big wall that is painted diagonally with the same lovely pastel mint. The pink of the popsicles ties the room walls together and creates a consistent look to the room.

Ice cream room make over, custom unicorn decal

On the far wall you can also spot our personalised unicorn sticker that we made with Noa’s name. This one already existed there for the last room make over, and we are super happy to see that it still has it’s place in the new look.

Lonneke Bubblemint ice cream room make over

If you want to see more about what Lonneke is up to, head over to her blog or instagram account. We admit being extremely impressed by Noa’s theme room, and can’t wait to see what Lonneke is up to next when she plans her next room design.

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