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How to remove and reposition our Wall Decals

The removability of our wall decals depends on several factors. Before you start removing the stickers, consider at least the following:

  1. How smooth is the wall? Stickers attached to a slightly textured wall are easier to remove compared to a completely smooth surface.
  2. How solid is the wall paint? Older walls with many layers of hardened paint are usually safer than newly painted new walls. Decals also remove easier from durable semi-gloss or glossy paints than softer matte or silky paints. 
  3. How long have the stickers been attached? The adhesive hardens slightly over time, so a sticker that has been attached for many years can be trickier to remove than one recently attached. 

According to the list above, a sticker that has been attached for a short period of time on a slightly textured wall is usually easy and fast to remove. We still recommend peeling off the stickers as carefully and slowly as possible:

  1. Start by loosening up a corner of the sticker
  2. Slowly and carefully peel it off perpendicular to the wall

Avoid pulling the sticker straight up from the wall, as that is more likely to peel off paint.

Make removal easier with a hair dryer

If the wall is cool to the touch or it seems that the stickers are stuck, use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm up the stickers before slowly peeling them off. Heat makes the adhesive both soft and elastic, making removal much easier. Please note: you want the sticker warm, not hot. 

Moving and repositioning wall decals

Our decals are easy to remove and reposition during installation: simply peel them off and attach again.

With time the adhesive hardens, but if the stickers remove well you might be able to reuse them on another surface. Do note that the bigger stickers might be hard to remove and transport in one piece, so this mostly applies to the smaller sets. 

Moving decals from one wall to another

Use a hairdryer to warm up the adhesive, before gently try to peel off the decal in one piece. If there are overlapping parts, remove them together instead of separating them. 

If you do not have the original backing saved, a good way to transport t them is to stick them to a cardboard wrapped with transparent kitchen film (also known as cling film). Another alternative is to ask for butchers paper at your local deli counter. These are usually lightly waxed papers which can work as a great backing (some of them can be too non-stick). 

When reattaching a sticker that has been removed from another wall, we recommend to again use a hairdryer to soften up the adhesive during installation. The adhesive might have hardened (and collected dust) after removal, so warming it up is a good way to ensure it also sticks a second time. 

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