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🌸 Free Shipping for color samples 🌸
Wall Stickers for Public Spaces - Made of Sundays

Wall Stickers for Public Spaces

Clinical spaces brought to life

Hospitals can be scary places right? Not just for kids, but adults too. Recently I've seen some really nice attempts to make these spaces more welcoming and comfortable with murals painted onto bare walls. I think that wall decals would work well in this case too, especially if you're looking for something a bit quicker and easier than commissioning artists. 

Benefits of Wall Decals

If you know anything about us, you’ll know that there are loads of benefits of using our wallpaper stickers, but I’d like to focus on those most relevant to clinical spaces: 


It’s obviously important in clinics, and indeed all spaces for children that there are no nasty chemicals floating around. We do our absolute utmost to use the safest materials possible, and we’re happy to tell you all about it

Quick and Easy

One of our main goals has always been to bring beautiful art to your walls as easily as possible. Our stickers can be put up in minutes and can be repositioned a few times until you’re happy with the installation.


Made with thick eco-matte wall paper our decals can be left up for years if necessary, no worries about the adhesive drying up, and peeling off.  


Especially in public spaces it’s important to be flexible. Our stickers are easily removable, if you need to move spaces, the decals can come off without a trace. 

Which decals work best?

We've got a huge range of stickers to choose from, but here are some examples of the stickers I think would work best in big spaces.


We have a range of different jungle sets, all of which can be combined and duplicated to create a really wild and natural vibe. Here’s an example of how Ainsley used the Big Jungle Set, Lush Jungle and some other animals to create a full jungle room: 

Floating animals 

These animals are beautiful on their own but look even better when put together, whether you have one cat, two bunnies, or 5 explorers, the combinations are endless. 

Get in Touch! 

We've already worked with some hospitals and clinics here in Finland on this sort of project, and we'd love to do more of it. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please shoot us an email at and we can figure out what sort of discount we could offer, and discuss payment options. 
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