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How To: Decorate with Adventuring Animal Wall Stickers - Made of Sundays

How To: Decorate with Adventuring Animal Wall Stickers

Introducing a new Floating Friend

Kids bedrooms are great places to play with interior design, and some of our favourite spaces to design for. The opportunity to fill your nurseries with fun characters that capture kids’ imaginations is one of the best parts of this job - it’s just so rewarding! Our Floating Animals series is perhaps the best example of this kind of work, and we’ve just launched a new floating friend to join your walls - the Guinea Pig! To celebrate this, let's have a look at some ways to decorate with these stickers in bigger spaces. 

Filling Bigger Spaces

These sets will easily fill the space above a crib on their own, but maybe you’re looking to fill a bigger space? The obvious solution here would be to combine two floating animals decals together, maybe the Ginger Cat and Dog, or any animal with the big explorers set. Why stop there though? Many of our other wall stickers use similar textures and/or colours, so the combination possibilities are almost endless. Here are some examples of how our customers have combined the Floating Bunny with our other designs that we absolutely love. 

Real-life Examples 

Perhaps the combo we see most often is our Pink Balloons and Clouds paired with the Bunny. Here Britta Anita (@brittaanita) has transformed her daughters’ bedroom with this classic combination. 

In a similar vein, Emi (@packmeinursuitcase) combined the bunny with Night Sky Balloons to create a colourful scene above her daughters’ crib. 


A combination we wouldn’t necessarily have thought of but love so much now that Titta (@tittander) showed us how it’s done, is the bunny and Boho Rainbows Themepack! The colours just work so well!

And finally, we were all so stunned by this composition by Martyna. I don’t know why we never thought to combine two of our most popular decals - the floating bunny and Small Rising Sun, it looks fantastic.

Other Ideas

As well as these great examples, I think that the floating animal decals would look really cute paired with Ombre Hearts or Polka Dots I’m sure there are lots of other possible combinations, and we’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas or have already tried any sticker combinations we haven’t thought of! 

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