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🌸 Free Shipping for color samples 🌸
🌸 Free Shipping for color samples 🌸
Bear With Us! Unexpected material delays are putting our wall sticker production on pause until the first week of October. - Made of Sundays

Bear With Us! Unexpected material delays are putting our wall sticker production on pause until the first week of October.

UPDATE (18.9.2023): the first week is already completely booked with pre-orders, so orders placed after today will ship starting the second week of October. Thank you all, you are awesome!

So, picture this – our (now not so) trusty wallpaper factory, the friendly supplier of our wall sticker material, decided to add some spice to our lives with unexpected production problems. Yep, you read that right. Our next batch of material got delayed by two months, and that sadly means we'll be completely out of any material for our wall stickers until the end of September. But hey, who doesn't love some unexpected excitement, right? right?

Now, we're not trying to alarm you, but this little hiccup has put us in a bit of a pickle (mildly speaking). Cue the dramatic music. You know, as a small family business without any investors, these twists and turns definitely make things more than interesting.

And this is where we're asking for your help, dear friends, because we have a super secret and extra cunning plan to turn this sticky situation around. Pre-orders to the rescue! That's right; You can now pre-order any wall stickers, and we're offering up to -20% to make up for the looooooong wait.

And yes, the suspense is real, but we're aiming to start shipping out all pre-orders like a stampede of partying pandas by the first week of October (in the order they have been placed). Trust us; it'll be worth the wait! We'll keep you posted about any timetable changes right here on this blog and Instagram, but we're crossing our fingers (and toes) that everything goes smoothly.

It probably goes without saying, but we truly, madly, deeply appreciate your support. You're the coolest friends a family business could ask for. So before we go, let's raise a virtual toast – cheers to you, our fantastic friends! If you've got any questions, thoughts, or even just a funny joke to share, you know we're all ears!

And since Alba has plenty of time and nothing to pack don't hesitate to reach out and have a chit-chat with us. Eternally gratefully for you sticking with us!

Sending you all the hugs and high-fives, Alba & Thomas

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