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🌸 Free Shipping for color samples 🌸
Have a Merry Everything!!! - Made of Sundays

Have a Merry Everything!!!

Have a Merry Everything | Made of Sundays

Christmas is right behind the door, and we are taking a small break from Friday 22rd of December till 10th of January! All orders placed after Thursday Dec 21st will be shipped as soon as possible after our return the 10'th of January. As an apology for the longer shipping times we're offering a small discount on all wall stickers and posters. Endless love and thanks for your patience. 

We wish all of you the best of holidays, have a great time and prepare for 2024 which we are, all together, going to make so much better than 2023. A big big hug to all of you; eat well and appreciate the time with your friends and families. 


Alba, Thomas & Gemma

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