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How to decorate your shop window with stickers - Made of Sundays

How to decorate your shop window with stickers

One thing that often gets overlooked about our wall stickers is that they also can be used to decorate shop windows and interiors. Shops is definitely a smaller market, and that's why home walls normally get so much more attention, but combining basic patter stickers with other elements (like logos and texts) make great and affordable decoration that easily can be changed with the seasons.

This is not to say that we don't do custom designs that are tailor designed for each shop, because we do. But we also know that sometimes you also just want something fast and easy to give your shop windows that quick make over it deserves, and this is when the pattern stickers are a perfect solution.

Budget friendly and easy to install and remove, the coloured pattern stickers are absolutely fantastic as temporary window decoration as they are naturally fade resistant and can be cleaned with a wet rag when dirty. Just keep in mind that these stickers will be applied on the outside of the windows (for the insides you need a completely different kind of sticker material), so plan accordingly. 

Big sprinkle stickers as shop window decoration

Store window stickers

On our own shop window we used our bigger sprinkle stickers in blush pink, white and yellow. We started by doing a rough mockup in photoshop using photos that we took of the then empty windows. In that mockup we placed stickers in a even pattern, and sketched out the texts that would go with the stickers (these would count as a custom job). Having a plan on how you attach the stickers helps with the installation. It is always harder to see a pattern when you are really close up attaching the stickers, and by planning you avoid placing them either too close or too spaced out. 

That's really all it takes, a bit of creativity and a few sheets of stickers. Besides sprinkle stickers you can also use polka dots, triangles, snowflakes or any of our other patterns. If the inside of the shop is dark, we recommend the light colors on the windows for maximum visibility - but this depends totally on your own shop image and brand. And remember, if you need help or advice regarding decorating your shop windows or interior don't hesitate to contact us.

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