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Eco-friendly wall decoration; why are we so exited about our paper wall stickers? - Made of Sundays

Eco-friendly wall decoration; why are we so exited about our paper wall stickers?

Since the day that we designed and cut our first sticker we have had a clear goal in mind; to be completely PVC-free in all our products. Sadly back then this promise turned out to be almost impossible to realise if we wanted to continue making wall decals, as roughly 99.9% of all materials on the market were based on vinyl (today 98%, if you were wondering 😅).

If you now ask what our problem with PVC is I’m going to re-direct you to this page: why you should try to avoid PVC. But to summarise; PVC is prohibited in kids toys for a very good reason. And if something can’t be used in toys, we rather not use it on our walls either.

Back to our story: not a month went by during these four years without us researching the markets for new environmentally friendly materials, and every time one came out we have been amongst the first to use it (like our PVC-free door friend decals and re-positionable polyester stickers). These materials have all been a clear improvement compared to traditional vinyl, but still we waited for that one special material where we truly and honestly could say that this is the one that we could use on every single wall of our own home.

It was late autumn last year when we, slightly by accident, stumbled upon a self adhesive wallpaper from France that just felt so incredibly NICE (almost too nice to be true). Super matte and soft with great colours, we immediately asked ourselves if this also could be used for stickers. No-one had ever done it before, but after talking with the factory and doing some quick tests in our studio we were convinced we could create something totally new and awesome with this material.

The following months we continued testing this material in our studio, at home and in the hands of a selected test squad. The feedback we got plus our own experiences told us that we FINALLY had managed to find a material that we ourselves felt good with; plastic free, recyclable, great look and feel as well as just the right amount of adhesive to make them stick but not destroy your walls when removed.

Paper wall stickers in nursery

The cool thing about these wall stickers is that they don't outgas (as they are PVC-free and printed with solvent free inks) so they can safely be used in nurseries and kids rooms.

Now, I know that this feels like a marketing speech (and well it kind of is), but you have to try to understand that at that moment we finally felt like things were taking a step forward. Here we have been testing material after material for four years and always ended up disappointed in one way or another. Then we happen find a material that feels and acts exactly like high quality wallpaper, but which can be installed in a few minutes and removed just as fast when needed. We were completely in love.

We have now had our own paper wall stickers up on our home walls for 3 months and still look at them every day and wonder over just how awesome they are. We use them, we love them and we hope that you will too. If you do decide to join our fight against PVC and give our paper stickers a try, please remember to let us know how you feel about them. Feedback day is the best day!

Paper wall sticker colours

And those colours, just look at those colours ❤️.

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