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🌸 Free Shipping for color samples 🌸
2018 Summer Wall Decal Colours - Made of Sundays

2018 Summer Wall Decal Colours

Great news colour lovers! We have now renewed our colour chart for the Summer 2018. You can get all the basic eco-friendly wall decal shapes in 15 delicious colours and 8 mixes. If you see that some particular decal set is missing the colours you would like just send us a message and we'll fix it right away. 

Which is our favourite colour this year you ask? Well we really love a subtle and pale mix of light mint and coral with a dash of lavender thrown in for good measure. 

Made of Sundays Color mixes 2018

Which colour is your favourite? Is there some specific tone you really would like to see for autumn? Let us know in the comments or by email ❤️

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