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Sunshine, Good Vibes & Happy Homes!

We are a tiny Finnish-Spanish company with a mighty mission; to make your home the happiest place in the world. Our wall decals are easy peasy to install, and are guaranteed to cheer up any space.

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We are Made of Sundays

Hello there! Made of Sundays is a small studio with a big heart located in Helsinki but shipping worldwide. All our products are designed, made and personally sent to you by our tiny team of three awesome human beings:

Alba loves daydreaming, puppies, kittens or anything fluffy, she hates waking up before 7 am, the words “winter" and uncooperative hair. Thomas loves coffee, surfing and his Vespa, he hates to decide what’s for dinner, non-crispy bacon and burnt popcorn. Gemma is a former Criminologist/Pastry chef; she loves cat videos, barbecue ribs and everything sloth-related, she hates going to sleep late, store bought cakes and dirty hair

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