Good Vibes & Happy Homes! Our high quality wall decals are easy peasy to install, and guaranteed to not leave any marks on your walls when removed.

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Easy to install

No need for drills or paint, installing our wall decals is a piece of cake. Thanks to the handy transfer tape, all you need is a pair of hands and a plastic card to smoothen out the decal and making sure it sticks to your wall. We even made a video!

Easy to remove

No ugly holes or sticky glue, your walls will remain just like they were. As they leave no marks on your walls, our wall decals are perfect for anyone who is renting or gets bored fast.

Unlimited possibilities

Big, small, pink or black, whatever you like we have it. Wall decals are an affordable option if you like to re-decorate often. Our patterns and shapes offer you unlimited possibilities, making your walls truly custom designed.

Wall decals and stickers for a happy home

Hello there! Made of Sundays is a wall sticker and decal store creating lovely vinyl wall decals and fabric stickers that are guaranteed to cheer up your life!

Our stickers are the perfect solution to liven up the kids room or any other space where you need a daily dose of wall happiness. For our colorful wall stickers we use a soft environmentally friendly polyester fabric material that can safely be used by adults and kids alike. Our one-colored vinyl models comes with a transfer surface for easy positioning and installation. All of our decals and stickers can be attached to most smooth surfaces, and will not damage your walls when removed. We love them, and hope that you will do the same!

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