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Height Chart, Elephant - Made of Sundays
Height Chart, Elephant
Height Chart, Elephant
Height Chart, Elephant
Height Chart, Elephant
Height Chart, Elephant

Height Chart, Elephant

34 €

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What better way to keep track of your kid's absolutely epic growth towards greatness than a elephant height chart? She has also promised to do her best to help your little champ grow by sprinkling the space with the extremely secret elephant growth drops, because obviously it's no coincidence that elephants tend to be very good at growing tall.


  • Elephant Height Chart decal with color highlights
    • Wall decal with transfer tape
    • Size: 25 x 127 cm (9.8" x 50.6" inch)
    • Includes 24 coloured arrows to mark height
    • Available in both cm and inches
    • Measures height up to 140 cm / 5 feet

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