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Surprise your kids

Bring your doors alive

Creates happiness

There are moments when you just need a simple happy face to cheer you up when you are feeling down. These door animals are always there for you, instantly turning any old dull surface to an virtual explosion of bunny-unicorn sparkles.

Works on all doors

Clear instructions and a easy to use transfer surface makes these lovely animals easy to apply. Each animal is made by separate parts, so they can be used on doors of all sizes and shapes.

Easy to install & remove

If you get tired of your animal or want a new one, just gently peel it off. Our special adhesive won’t leave any goo or residue. Perfect for rented apartments and you who move a lot.

Best story we heard so far from our customers?

Difficult potty training became easier with a new tiger decal on the toilet door, as the bathroom all of a sudden became the coolest room in the home. How cool is that?

Remember that you also can get all our door friends personalised with your own text, perfect when want to have your kids name on the door.

Deliciously thick and smooth matte paper

All stickers are printed with water based paints on beautifully thick waxed paper. Like quality wallpaper these stickers can be cleaned with a damp cloth if dirty, and the premium feel of the material will bring back golden memories of times past.

These stickers are a seriously fun and environmentally friendly way to decorate your home, and thanks to being separate stickers you can decide yourself just how and where you want to put them.

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