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🎉 Buy for $61€ and get FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING 🎉


How to use our Paper Wall Stickers

Using them 

Can I use these on textured walls?

We're afraid our stickers won't work very well on textured walls, unfortunately. The rougher the texture is the more air will be trapped in between the sticker and the wall, resulting in poorer adhesion. If you have doubts and want to hear our comments, you can always send us a photo of your wall (with something included as a reference point to show size) 😊

Can I reuse or reposition the stickers?

It really depends on the sticker size and design, but generally you can easily reposition the decals few times (just make sure you peel them off carefully to avoid any ripping).

Please note that the adhesive hardens slightly after the first 48 hours on the wall. So if you need to reposition them, we recommend that you do it as soon as possible after installation. This especially applies to our bigger wall stickers, which will become more difficult to reposition as time passes. 

Are the stickers easy to remove?

Our stickers are really easy to remove, just peel them off. The water based adhesive might harden slightly over time, so you might find the stickers more difficult to peel off if they have been attached for several years. If you have any issues with removing the stickers, we recommend using a hairdryer to heat up and soften the adhesive. Any adhesive remains can just be wiped off with a wet rag.

Can I use your wall stickers on a newly painted wall?

Sure, just follow the instructions by the paint manufacturer and allow the paint to dry at least 14-30 days before applying the stickers. The paint should be completely wash-dry before stickers can be applied. Also make sure the wall is properly painted with a primer under the top coat to avoid paint peeling upon removal. Please note that we can't be responsible for peeling paint in the case that the wall has not been properly painted.

Help, my stickers are curling or peeling off the wall - what should I do? 

Sometimes it might happen that the edges of the stickers start to curl off after installation. This happens if the natural force of the paper curling is stronger than the adhesion to the wall. The adhesive then gets in touch with air, and hardens - making it more difficult to press them back and keep them attached. If you have any problems with curling edges, follow these instructions:

  1. With a hair dryer on max setting, warm up the sticker/adhesive where the curling occurs. 
  2. When you can feel that the sticker is clearly warm, just press all the parts back on the wall. They should stick and this time remain attached. 
  3. The reason for this is that the heat makes the adhesive softer and more elastic, making it stick better. The adhesive needs to remain attached to the wall for 12-48 hours for it to harden enough to remain stuck. By heating up the adhesive you are making it temporarily adhere better, giving it the time it needs to strengthen the bond and remain on the wall. 

Oh no, removing the stickers is also peeling the paint off

While very rare, it is possible that the stickers might peel off paint when removed. This is simply due to the fact that there are unlimited combinations of paints and walls out there, all unique in their own way. Many different factors can affect how well the paint is adhering to the wall, and sometimes it might be almost impossible just by looking at it to guess how well the paint is attached. If you have any issues with peeling paint, follow these instructions:

  1. With a hair dryer on max setting, warm up the stickers as much as you are able to. If you are using a heat gun, use lower heat.
  2. When you can feel that the sticker is warm, slowly start to peel it off while continuing to heat up the next part of the sticker. 
  3. The adhesive becomes more elastic when warm, and much easier to peel off. You should both feel and see a clear difference compared to before. 
  4. Please get in touch with us, if you had any problems with removing the stickers so that we can make it up for you.