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How to install a wall decal?

Installation instructions

Some of our products are covered with a transfer tape to facilitate the positioning, please check the instructions below according to the kind of sticker you got. Also, If you are not going to use the decal straight away, please store in a cold dark place away from direct heat.

Wall decals: with transfer tape

1. Pick a surface

Our decals can be applied to smooth non-porous surfaces such as walls, windows, doors, mirrors, laptops and furniture. Once you have picked your surface, clean it up with a wet cloth, make sure it is dry and free of dust before applying the decal.

2. Plan

Make a plan of your decal position. You may use some tape to mark the exact placement.

3. Peel backing paper

If needed, cut off the decal into pieces for easier installation (recommended for big sets). Place the vinyl face down and rub it against a flat surface to make sure the vinyl sticks to the transfer tape, you may use a credit card or similar to apply pressure.

Peel the backing paper away over itself, making sure all parts of your decal remain attached to the semi-transparent transfer tape. Always peel the backing paper off with the decal face down.

4. Stick

Position the decal at the desired place, transfer tape facing you. Rub the decal onto the surface, you may use a credit card or similar to apply pressure.

5. Peel transfer tape

Peel off the semi-transparent transfer tape and admire your hard work!

Fabric stickers: without transfer tape

1. Pick a surface

Our fabric stickers love walls, windows, doors, laptops, lamps and furniture (even poles and corners!). Just make sure the surface is smooth, not too porous, dry and free of dust and dirt. Remember that our fabric stickers are for indoor use only.

2. Peel

Carefully peel off the sticker from the backing paper. Keep the paper for future use, it will help to move or store your stickers.

3. Stick

Stick it to the chosen surface and smooth it with your hand. You can also use a credit card to rub the sticker (super carefully) to ensure no loose edges. In the case of wrinkles or curls on your sticker, do not panic, you can easily pull it free if it sticks to itself.

4. Smile

You did a great job and we are seriously proud of you. Make a little dance and admire your hard work.

5. Play

Peel off each element and re-stick somewhere else to tell a different story. It can be easily repositioned and will not leave any residue.

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