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🚚 Free shipping for all orders over 90 EUR

FAQ - Wallpaper

Here you have everything you ever wanted to know about our kick ass wallpapers. If your question isn’t here, drop us a line and we will be super happy to help.

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Everything you want to know about our wallpaper

What exactly is removable wallpaper?

Our removable wallpaper is exactly like traditional wallpaper but without any of the headaches. No cursing around with paste or glue, and no stress or sweat when the time comes to remove it. Just peel, stick and celebrate - it's that easy!

How easy is it to remove? 

Really easy, just gently peel the wallpaper off the wall and you are done. For best results we recommend adhering to normal walls with eggshell or semigloss paint. The wallpaper adheres stronger to completely smooth surfaces like closets, doors and such which also makes the removal slightly trickier.

What makes it stick? 

A low-tack water based acrylic adhesive that has pre-made air channels for bubble free installation. The adhesive hardens slightly after the first few weeks, while still remaining perfectly removable.

Who makes your wallpaper and where?

We do :) We print and cut all wallpapers in our small studio here in sometimes sunny Helsinki, Finland.

Can I re-position it?

When you install the paper you can definitely remove and re-attach it several times if you didn't quite hit the mark the first time (which you always do, of course, because you are an ace at this). After being attached for a while the adhesive hardens slightly, and the wallpaper remains removable but not really re-positionable (as it is likely to wrinkle a bit when removed).

Does it work on all surfaces? 

We recommend you stick to normally painted smooth walls and stay away from walls with too heavy textures (because air get's trapped in between and the adhesive does not really stick to air, blame physics).

Your wallpaper is kind of expensive, why is that?

We are happy you asked, because that means you are really smart and think about where you spend your hard earned money. Our wallpaper is slightly more expensive than traditional wallpaper because it comes with a soft adhesive already applied and ready to go, making it a piece of cake to both install and remove. No need to worry about messing around with pastes and glues; just peel and stick - it's as simple as that.

And here's the extra bonus; when the time comes to remove the wallpaper just gently peel it off the wall! None of that sweaty steaming and spraying water everywhere just to notice that the wallpaper is so bloody stuck that you need to go hand scraping it off piece by piece and ending up with more pieces of wallpaper in your hair than in the trash.

Also, we strongly care about the environment, and only work with premium materials where we can be absolutely sure they are produced in a sustainable and morally acceptable "don't f*** up the world" kind of way.

What exactly is your wallpaper made of?

Wallpaper: The wallpaper is a deliciously thick matte coated self-adhesive paper without any unnecessary chemicals or plastics. We only use paper that is made in Europe from sustainable sources. 

Adhesive: The adhesive we use is a pressure sensitive water based acrylic.

Inks: We print our wallpaper with completely non-toxic, solvent-free and odourless latex colors that look and feel great.

How do you install it?

It is sooooo easy, check this little video we made installing the lemon wallpaper on our kitchen wall.

How long does it take to ship

We print all wallpapers on order, but try to be lightning quick about it. Still, it might take in between 2-5 days for your order to ship depending on how many awesome customers we have at the moment.

What is your return policy?

Everything bought from our shop is eligible for returns or exchange within 14 days after you received your package, if you are not happy with your purchase. Contact us and we'll sort it out in no-time. 

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