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Face photo sticker tips

Follow these simple tips to make sure your brand new face stickers look fabulous.
  • Make sure the entire face of the subject is in the photo. The stickers will look very weird if a part of the face is missing. The bigger the face is in the photo the better.
  • Photos with natural light work best! Try to avoid faces with very yellow, orange or green tint from lamp light. 
  • Look that the face is clear and in the photo without anything covering it (like branches or plants).
  • Photo quality. Use good quality photos taken with a modern phone or digital camera. Try to zoom in the photo to make sure the face is not blurry or pixelated. 
  • Photos taken from straight ahead work better than side profile. 

If you have any special wishes on how you want us to trace the photo leave a comment when checking out. If the photo has many faces in it, use the crop tool in the uploader to crop the face you want us to cut out.