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Blog of Sundays

  • Have a Merry Everything!!! - Made of Sundays
    joulukuu 21, 2023

    Ihanaa joulun aikaa ja iloista uutta vuotta!

    Jälleen on aika joulun, ja me pidämme hieman taukoa tarrapajalta perjantaista 22 joulukuuta eteenpäin aina 10.1.2024 saakka. Valmistamme viimeiset tilaukset perjaintai-aamulla, jonka jälkeen siirrymme joulun viettoon. Valmistamme kaikki tämän jälkeen asetetut tilaukset heti palattuamme studiolle 11 tammikuuta. Hyvitykseksi pitkästä odotusajasta tarjoamme...

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  • New colourful animal height chart wall stickers for kids rooms - Made of Sundays
    marraskuu 1, 2017

    New colourful animal height chart wall stickers for kids rooms

    We are so happy to introduce our new trio of colourful animal height chart wall stickers for kids rooms. These guys are super awesome and also really friendly (even if the crocodile seems to be slightly ambivalent towards everything). PVC-free and printed with water based inks, these wall stickers are perfect for kids rooms. Oh, and they are also re-positionable so you can move them around several times without problem.

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  • maaliskuu 5, 2017

    Tip: How to soothe a crying newborn

    Are you, like so many other families, struggling with a grumpy newborn? It hardly comes as a surprise that diaper changing time can be challenging for many babies. A great and simple way to distract a newborn in distress is to use attention grabbing graphics on the wall or anywhere close by to your baby.

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  • helmikuu 7, 2017

    The great 100 Eur giveaway

    Hey Guys! This week we are running a super giveaway with fantastic prizes! Every day until Sundays we'll pick one winner who gets a Medium Door Friend sticker of her choice, and finally on Sundays it's time for the grand prize of a 100 EUR gift card!

    So Ready Set WIN!!!! Enter the competition trough the link below. 

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  • kesäkuu 22, 2016

    We are ready for the summer!

    Hey sunshines! Made of Sundays prepares for HOLIDAYS! To set the mood and get the party going we made a small video of clips from the last two summers!  PLEASE NOTE! Our store will be closed between 24.6 - 7.7, all...

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