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🌸 Free Shipping for color samples 🌸
🌸 Free Shipping for color samples 🌸

Frequently asked about Star Maps

Can I choose a date also from the future?

Of course! The earth and the stars move in predictable patterns, so future star maps will be as correct as past ones 😊.

Can I choose a time also during the day?

Yes, definitely. The stars are up there also during the day even if we can't see them. 

I would like to have a longer text included in the Star Map, is this possible?

Most likely yes, just send us a quick message to ensure we an fit it before ordering. 

How long does production take?

We prepare and print all Star Charts by hand, so production takes 1-3 office days depending on the amount of orders we have. Contact us before ordering if you are in a hurry.