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The ultimate guide; how to decorate with Polka Dot wall stickers - Made of Sundays

The ultimate guide; how to decorate with Polka Dot wall stickers

Pattern wall stickers are a fun and creative way to decorate. But they can also be intimidating as there is no-one to tell you exactly how they should be used. To help out and avoid unnecessary panic in front of an empty wall we want to show you the most common ways to use and space pattern decals. With these spacing tips you should be able to arrange all kinds of wall stickers in the best possible way that fits the room you are decorating.

Perfect symmetry or random patterns

The first thing we recommend you do is decide wether you would like to have a perfectly symmetric or a more random design. Usually we choose to go with random, because true symmetry can be hard to achieve when you are measuring by hand and working with a big empty wall.

Symmetric wall patterns

If you decide to go with a symmetric layout a laser spirit level might come in handy to help you get those long rows straight. The tricky part is just that, to get the rows of stickers to remain straight from one side of the wall to the other.

If you want a perfect pattern you need to first measure your wall, then decide how many rows/columns of stickers you want and finally calculate the distance in between each sticker. 

As a help to space the individual stickers we recommend you pre-cut a measured paper or cardboard that you use as guide when you attach the stickers. Just place one corner over the center of the first sticker and mark the other corners for the next ones.

The Rectangle:

Symmetric wall sticker spacing

The 5 of Dice:

5 of dice wall sticker pattern spacing

Random patterns

The easiest pattern (and the one we use the most) is actually the same cross pattern that we mentioned above, but without all that difficult symmetry. Simply start by first placing the middle sticker and then work yourself outwards by placing the next 4 stickers in the corners, creating a diagonal cross.

Try to vary the placement of the stickers to create a seemingly random pattern, even while you keep on following the 5 of Dice-pattern. This type of layout is specially easy if you are using re-positionable stickers that you can move around a bit later to fill possible gaps when you have the whole wall covered.

Randomized 5 of Dice (note that the pattern is the same as above, just a bit moved around):

Random wall pattern spacing

Note that a good looking and truly random pattern actually is quite hard to achieve. The problem with totally random placement is that it’s fairly easy to leave big gaps on one side while having tight clusters on the other. That's why we recommend that you follow the 5 of Dice as mentioned above.

Cluster pattern

A fun way to use pattern decals is to cluster them around elements in the room. The cluster can be spontaneous and start from the middle of the wall, or then it can center around an object like a poster or a mirror.

Spontaneous cluster:

Cluster pattern

Cluster around object:

Cluster around object

Clusters that start from a corner are a nice option if you are using polka dot or star wall stickers, but keep in mind that they seldom work with other shapes.

Cluster from corner:

Corner cluster

Waterfall pattern

Another great way to use polka dot or raindrop stickers is a waterfall pattern where the stickers start very dense (usually from the ceiling or a shelf) and then gets more spaced out as you move downwards along the wall.


Waterfall pattern

Pattern spacing

We won’t go into exact pattern spacing in here, as that is a matter of personal taste and preference. Just keep in mind that usually big stickers need more space around them to look good. If you are using re-positionable wall stickers we recommend you try out a few first to see what looks good on the wall. When you have the optimal distance nailed down its easier to continue with the full pattern.

Big pattern = more space:

Big shape spacing

If you are going for perfect symmetry you are most likely going to need to do some basic maths to calculate the distance between each element, because you want the pattern to reach all sides of the wall with equal distance. For random patterns this does not matter that much, as you are free to slightly alter the spacing for the last stickers if needed be (before you reach the wall).

We hope that this article gave you some ideas on how to design your wall. The main thing is to not take it so seriously. One of the best things with wall stickers is that they are temporary (and usually can be moved around a few times),  so don't be afraid to try new and bold layouts. 

Now all you need to do is to take a look at all our pattern wall stickers and unleash the interior decorator in you. 

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