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🥞 New! The Brunch Club t-shirts ☕️
🥞☕️ New! The Brunch Club t-shirts ☕️

Night Sky Star Map, Petrol Desert

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Original price QAR 188,00
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QAR 149,00 - QAR 188,00
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Size: 50 x 70 cm

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Was it your first dance, the birth of a child or that awesome moment you realized your world took a turn for the better? Give your beloved a gift of the stars to always remember that special night, set in a beautiful desert sunset.

Create a beautiful star map of the night you always will remember. We print the exact constellations visible in the night sky (at 23:59 unless you wish for another time) during that date in that location. 

  • Frame not included

    How does the Star Map work

    We use an Open Source astronomy software to create an accurate 180 degree night sky just like it was on your chosen moment. In all our posters you will find North at the top of the poster. How to read the map: imagine yourself standing outside and facing South, and then lifting the Star Map up above you towards the night sky. The Ursa Minor and the North Star should, depending on your location, be visible right behind you - exactly as indicated on the poster.

    Frequently asked about Star Maps

    Can I choose a date also from the future?

    Of course! The earth and the stars move in predictable patterns, so future star maps will be as correct as past ones 😊.

    Can I choose a time also during the day?

    Yes, definitely. The stars are up there also during the day even if we can't see them. 

    I would like to have a longer text included in the Star Map, is this possible?

    Most likely yes, just send us a quick message to ensure we an fit it before ordering. 

    How long does production take?

    We prepare and print all Star Charts by hand, so production takes 1-3 office days depending on the amount of orders we have. Contact us before ordering if you are in a hurry.