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Paint as an alternative to wall stickers - Made of Sundays

Paint as an alternative to wall stickers

You’re thinking of redecorating your home interior? Then you should first and foremost focus on the surfacing of your walls. When it comes to mural decoration, there are many options: wallpaper, nice paintings, paint and obviously wall stickers. If wall stickers generally remain the most affordable and easy solution, in some cases, paint seems to be a more relevant option. Paint has many advantages: it’s adapted to many supports, it offers a clearer result and a total decorative freedom. Besides, you can paint your walls yourself for small painting works or even hire a painting company.

Interior decorating: in which cases should you go with paint?

Paint: a more adapted coating for many surfaces

If wall stickers distinguish themselves as the most affordable and easy to put up wall decoration, other wall coatings have their own qualities. If you want to invest in a long term coating, with a more technical and impeccable finish, some other options seem more appropriate, especially paint. First of all, paint can be put up on varieties of surfaces. Other than window panes and plastic surfaces, paint adheres well. If done correctly, paint can remain intact for about ten years. In terms of work, you could carry out small painting jobs without many difficulties (like painting a single room for example). However, for more important work, you may want to resort to a painting company, because it represents a much bigger amount of work.

Paint can also be environmentally friendly

Even if paint for long has suffered from a bad environmental reputation (notably because of oil paints), today, ecological and clean paint also exists. These clean paints contain only very few volatile organic compounds (VOC), if none at all. To go further, it’s even possible to use bio-sourced paints. 

The decorative freedom of paint : wall art

The real advantage with paint is that it offers an infinite artistic freedom. Actually, paint can adapt to each and every style or mood. You could for a total white look or sober tones as well as for daring color mixes, or even artistic wall art. If you wish to have an artsy interior, completely unique and customized, nothing tops wall art to coat your home.

To sum up, paint has every chance to please you : it offers a more technical decoration, a great freedom and a refined finish. 

Paint or stickers? Two compatible products for different needs

If the two are very different, they certainly have many advantages. Do we really have to pick? The answer is no. In fact, they can even complete one another. Within your home, a particular room, or even on a same wall. Everything is possible: paint and stickers can be good friends. You can perfectly choose to put paint on your walls and add stickers on more convenient supports (like window panes). You can also put stickers on your painted surface to add a touch of originality. Once again, there are no limits to your creativity.

To conclude, paint can match wall stickers for your decoration projects. The advantage being that paint can go on a good deal of supports and can even turn into artistic wall art.


This guest post was written to us by the French paint company Monsieur Painture, who also work with super awesome wall mural artists.

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