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Great wall mural colour inspiration for your next room makeover - Made of Sundays

Great wall mural colour inspiration for your next room makeover

Being big fans of large scale street art we often try visit as many murals as we can when we travel. And when we can’t afford to travel we find ourselves browsing around the web for inspiration from new wall paintings that seem to pop up ever so often these days (this is truly the new golden age of street art).

Often big street focusses on characters and animals with one or more figures and strong and contrasty colors. Being a form of art that is designed to grab your attention and to stand out from the empty walls surrounding it, you might think that there are better places to find inspiration for your home walls. And yes, while true that there are few wall murals that as such would work well at home, there's still plenty of colour and shape inspiration to be found in the best wall art around the world.

Our favourite colour and pattern wall murals

Below we feature some of our all time favourite pieces. And as usual for us we mostly like art with bold colours and strong shapes.

Mural in Toulon, France by Zose

In Zose’s work we really appreciate the pastel/coral colour scheme and the simple pop-art themed shapes. This is definitely something we would love to have as either a big print or then as separate stickers on our home wall.

Mural by Akacorleone and Underdogs10 in Alenquer, Portugal

Here we really like the dark lilac tones together with bright yellow and green. The cultural theme that is based on local elements work fantastically together with the bright and strong colours. This colour scheme would work wonders in a kids room with some basic shapes or animals.

Mural by Antony Marest and his father in Outreau, France

These fantastic coral shades would make a great bold pop-art themed interior in any home. The bright yellows and pink together with palm trees brings to mind both Miami and the Mediterranean. It’s a great idea to break up all that pastel goodness with some bold black and white elements to make it all more interesting.

Mural by Mina Hamada in Barcelona, Spain

Another abstract pastel coloured piece that we adore. These shades could be found in any of our sticker patterns, and we could definitely see this also in our own home. The darker blue works great here to counterbalance all those light and bright tones.

Strong shapes by 2SHY in Liege, Belgium

If you like strong shapes and contrasts then you’ll love this piece by 2SHY. Geometric shapes together with some abstract space-themed illustrations make for a super impressive full wall mural. From this we could create a great sticker pattern combining dark lilac, light pink and bright yellow. Those colours would really brighten up the home in the darkest time of winter.

Camille Walala for Pop Life Universe in Cleveland, USA

Camille has been on fire lately, doing great geometric wall murals around the world. This is one of our favourites, once again combining black and white with super bold colors and shapes all around the building.

Antony Marest in Marocco

This skate park is a surreal dream containing so many different inspirational elements that it’s hard to choose one. From triangles and lines to gradients to simple sprinkles, look and you will find them all.

Lastly Celeste Byers with Aaron Glasson in USA

This one is not a pattern, but we just had to include it thanks to great color use and fantastic composition. What is there to say, we just really love this even if the theme is anything but cheery.

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