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Cool cat houses for modern felines

Cardboard ice-cream truck

This cardboard playhouse for cats is the dream of any catentrepreneur out there. Help your furry friend start his little business and you will hopefully get free ice-cream for life. Head over Famous Oto if you want to get one.

Famous Oto cardboard ice-cream truck playhousePhoto by Cottoncattery

DIY Palm Springs inspired Cat house

Why not show your appreciation for your furry purry friend by taking them to Palm Springs? or if he is not very keen on travelling, you can also just take a look at this tutorial and make a DIY mid-century house yourself. Because everybody deserves a little luxury and fancy wallpaper every now and then. 

Palm Springs DIY cat housePhoto by A Beautiful Mess

Vintage Kitty Camper

If your kitty is of the adventurous type, he is gonna love this DIY vintage camper made of out of cardboard-boxes. You can see the tutorial over here or just check the video below for the step-by-step instructions. 

DIY cardboard camper for cats

Photo & Video by Cuteness

Cute DIY cardboard cat house

And if your cat is not that into nature, there is a cute alternative for the more urban-oriented cats. Follow this tutorial to turn a couple of old cardboard box into the most adorable kitty house. It has a pink roof and everything.

DIY Cat house with old cardboard boxes
Photo by Cuteness

DIY Crochet Cat Bed

If you are more into crocheting, here you have a fun DIY to create a cozy home for your furry little friend. No feline will resist this adorable giant cat head. You can find the pattern over here.

DIY Crochet cat bedDIY Crochet Cat bed
Photo by BuddyRumi

Landmark Cat house

If you’re looking for an exceptional gift for your extraordinary cat, you can definitely build his very own Taj Mahal or Eiffel tower. Let your cat spread its wings – or paws - and embark on the most remarkable traveling adventure of all times.

Taj Mahal Cat cardboard house

Eiffel Tower Cat house
Photo by Poppy Cat

Minimalistic cardboard cat house

Get one of this geometrical cat homes from Catchitecture and you will sure impress even the most demanding modern felines with a taste for minimalistic design.

Minimalistic cardboard cat house
Photo by Catchitecture

Cat Burger

We left our absolute favourite for the last. I thought this moment will never arrive, but now you can finally turn your cat into a giant burger! We all know that cats love a tight space and burgers, so he is for sure gonna love this catburger bed. We sincerely hope they start producing this for adults at some point.

 Cat burger bed
Photos by Maru

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