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5 great Ikea furniture hacks

How many times have you entered your friend’s place or neighbours and sadly discovered the same Ikea closet or chairs you have at home? If you would love to make your furniture a bit more personal and less main stream, please continue reading, because we have come up with great ways to customise Ikea furniture using stickers. It is mess-free, budget friendly and will quickly give a new look even to the most boring piece. 

These ideas can of course be applied to any non-Ikea furniture and the best part is that will not leave any marks when removed (as long as the surface is originally in good condition)

#1 Ikea Trysil closet hack: Polka Dots

Our first Ikea closet hack can be done with a simple set of black and pink dots. The color scheme works great with a plain Scandinavian white furniture. The result looks best when you split some of the dots in half and place around the sides. 

Ikea Closet Hack

#2 Ikea Trysil closet hack: Big Animal Stickers

This easy DIY project using will turn any wardrobe into a giant animal, your kids will love it and they'll never fear again those pesky closet monsters. We promise. We have used the personalised Haru the Bear in this one, but there are plenty of animals to choose from, with or without personalised text. 

Ikea trysil closet Hack

#3 Ikea Hemnes drawer hack: Small and Medium Animal Stickers

For a smaller pieces of furniture, like this Hemnes chest, you can use the medium and small Animal stickers. Paco the hedgehog will definitely give a good dose of personality to your home. 

Ikea hemnes cupboard hack

You can also use the personalised versions of the animals to label your drawers and make sure everybody finds their socks. It will definitely help you kids to keep their clothes organised and maybe even help put away their own laundry.

Ikea Odda closet hack

#4 Ikea Hemnes drawer hack: Mini Animal Pattern

A couple of set of cute cats will for sure make your furniture more unique and fun, it also helps to the creativity of the smaller members of the family. You will be surprised how much they enjoy tidying up and putting their toys inside their cat drawer :-)

Ikea Hemnes hack

#5 Ikea Dombas closet hack: 80's Vibes

There is no better way to pimp your closet than with a retro 80's pattern. Choose the colour combination that better suits your decor, we personally love the black/pastels combo but if you prefer a more minimalistic look, go for all black and leave more space between each shape.

That's it for today, go and have some fun. Ok?

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