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🌸 Free Shipping for color samples 🌸
Beautiful Poster and Decal Light Boxes - Made of Sundays

Beautiful Poster and Decal Light Boxes

Our hand built premium light boxes are now available for posters and decals. The birch wood box is made by our favourite carpenter in Finland, and assembled by us in Helsinki. We have chosen the best quality Neonica led lights to give an even and long-lasting light to your box.

Our boxes can be fitted with either warm or daylight white led's with an expected life span of 100 000 hours. You can also choose your box with suitable wall plugs for the EU, UK and USA homes. All our boxes come with a white power cable with an on/off switch for easy use.


Wooden Poster Lightbox

The poster light box comes with two sheets of clear acrylic attached to a slide-out handle that keeps any poster snugly in place. We will send the box fitted with a custom text poster of your choosing, but to switch posters you simply slide out the handle, unscrew the two screws and remove the poster from in between the sheets of acrylic. The size of the poster should be 35 x 25 cm, and we recommend a fine grained paper as the back light will bring out the structure of the material. You can use both coloured and black/white posters as well as photographs with the light box. Posters with bright colours look fantastic with the box, so we really recommend you to try to illuminate different designs and papers.

The Poster lightbox in action


Wooden Decal Lightbox

Our Decal light box is in every way identical to the poster version, the only difference being that instead of two sheets of clear acrylic it comes with a thicker opal white acrylic with your chosen decal installed. The smooth opal acrylic beautifully diffuses the light while the totally opaque decal blocks it all out creating great contrast. We will install your decal on a very thin transparent plastic sheet that we place on top of the white acrylic. This way you can easily change the decal without the hassle of removing it and cleaning the opal acrylic. New decals can be ordered on our site at any time. This box can also be fitted with your custom designs or logotypes on request, just contact us before making the purchase. 



Thanks to our smart handle system you can change the acrylics of the box whenever you feel like it. If you want to use your light box to illuminate posters instead of a decal (or vice versa) you can order the transparent acrylics from our site and swap them out by opening the box handle. We really want our light box to illuminate your home for a long to come, that's why we designed them as versatile and easy to use as possible. 

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