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🚨 All Wall Stickers: Buy 2 get -20% OFF ✨
🚨 All Wall Stickers: Buy 2 get -20% OFF ✨

Forest Friends Small Animals Wall Stickers

All Wall Stickers: Buy 2+ GET 20% OFF

Original price CHF 26.00 - Original price CHF 26.00
Original price CHF 26.00
CHF 26.00
CHF 26.00 - CHF 26.00
Current price CHF 26.00
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This complete set with smaller forest animals includes the cutest Bunnies, one Squirrel and one Hedgehog. Build your own small Autumn forest glade complete with twigs, mushrooms, and leaves. The beautiful orange and earthy tones look great both on lightly toned or completely white walls.

Size of the Bunnies:  17 x 14 cm (9 x 9.8")
Size of the Squirrel: 15 x 15 cm (5.9 x 5.9")
Size of the Hedgehog: 13 x 9 cm (5.1 x 3.5")

Paper, not plastic

Forget shiny smelly plastic, our wall stickers feel and look like they are painted on the wall.

No mess, no stress

Decorating could not be easier: just peel and stick. No magic skills or tools needed.

These wallpaper stickers are a game changer! They have brightened up what was a tired, boring, blank wall and transformed it into a true work of art. It looks so amazing and I have gotten so many compliments on it! These stickers are magical!!!

Jessica G.

Peel and stick

With great instructions installation is easy as 1,2,3. Our stickers do not have any transparent or white edges around them.

Safe for Kids rooms

Our paper wall stickers are free from phtalates and other toxins, and safe to use in Kids rooms.

Matte & non-reflective

No shiny smelly plastic here. Our satin wall stickers feel and look just like traditional wallpaper.

Frequently asked about Wall Stickers

Can I use these on textured walls?

We do not recommend our stickers for heavily textured walls, but a small and even texture should not be a problem. A lightly textured wall leaves a little bit of air in between the sticker and the wall, making the sticker easier to remove later (completely smooth surfaces will result in a stronger bond, making the stickers more difficult to remove as time passes).

See this page for examples of wall texture

Are the wall decals easy to remove?

Yes, in the vast majority of cases our wall stickers can be removed easily and without any issues by simply carefully peeling them off. However, it’s important to understand that paint quality and the smoothness of the wall may impact removability.  

Can I reuse or reposition your wall decals?

It really depends on the sticker size and design, but generally you can easily reposition the decals few times (just make sure you peel them off carefully to avoid any ripping).

Please note that the adhesive hardens slightly after the first 48 hours on the wall. So if you need to reposition them, we recommend that you do it as soon as possible after installation. This especially applies to our bigger wall stickers, which will become more difficult to reposition as time passes. 

Can I use your wall decals on a newly painted wall?

Sure, just follow the instructions by the paint manufacturer and allow the paint to dry at least 14-30 days before applying the stickers. The paint should be completely wash-dry before stickers can be applied. Also make sure the wall is properly painted with a primer under the top coat to avoid paint peeling upon removal. 

Welcome to the Forest

Venture into our Forest Wall Stickers Collection and say goodbye to boring walls. It's like having a slice of the great outdoors, minus the inconvenience of actually going outside. With eco-friendly materials and designs more fun than a secret treehouse club, these stickers turn any kids' room from 'ordinary' to 'forest explorer's den.'