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🌸 Free Shipping for color samples 🌸

Wallpaper Installation and Care Tips


Our wallpapers can be installed on most smooth indoor surfaces, including walls, furniture, glass and mirrors. The smoother the surface is, the stronger the wallpaper adheres. You can also install them on untreated wood, but we still recommend that you first treat the wood with a primer or varnish to make it more stable.

Cleaning & Washing

Our wallpapers can be cleaned with a moist towel and diluted soapy water, and can handle light dirt and dust. We do not however recommend them for environments with high wear and tear. Heavy scrubbing and cleaning will make the colors fade over time.


In most cases you can simply carefully peel off the wallpaper, but this really depends on the wall and how strongly the wallpaper adheres to it as well as the quality of the paint under. We can't guarantee mess-free removal on all walls. Read more