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Frenchie the Bulldog, Personalised, wall decals by Made of Sundays
Frenchie the Bulldog, Personalised, wall decals by Made of Sundays

Frenchie the Bulldog, Personalised

36.00 €

Is a door the new man's best friend? Well we certainly think so. Frenchie the Bulldog guarantees a smile after a long day at the office but without the never ending rolls of poopy-bags, wastelands of hair and slightly chewed (or at least salivated-on) favourite shoes. This door friend is also 100% allergy free.

This version of Frenchie can be personalised with your little one’s name or with any word up to 10 letters.

See our guide on how to install a door friend decal.


  • Frenchie the Bulldog Door Decal
    • Matte decal with transfer tape
    • Size: Banner with name 45 × 14.5 cm (17.7 × 5.7 inch), Face 27 × 14 cm (10.6" × 5.5"), Tail 4 × 6 cm (1.5" × 2.3"), Ear 9 x 12 cm (3.5" x 4.7"); Fits on most door standard sizes.

      How do our door decals work?

      The Original Happy Door Friend Stickers for creative homes

      By using a door friend on at least one door of your home, you are guaranteed to experience brief sensations of happiness every time you move from one room to another. Our door friends are also perfect guardians of kids rooms, having specialized in monster hunting and stopping nightmares.

      Easy to install on any door

      Your shiny new door friend comes as separate pieces on one sheet, and can be arranged exactly as you wish depending on your door size & shape. Your door friend likes both smooth and panelled doors alike.

      Easy to remove

      No ugly holes or sticky glue, your door will remain just like it were. When the time comes to say goodbye to your best door friend, just gently peel off all parts of the sticker and you are done.

      Hand made and packed by us

      Even though it might sound a bit dull, these stickers are actually hand made and packed by real existing human beings. You know, nice normal people just like you. Made in Finland, and shipped to great creative homes all over the world.

      Worldwide Shipping

      All our stickers are carefully cut and packed to order in our small studio in Helsinki; we try to be as quick as lightning but it might take 1 - 2 days before your lovely package is on its way (depending if you order is custom made for you). All of our international shipments with DHL Express come with tracking.

      Flat Rate Shipping

      We are happy to offer FLATE RATE shipping to all orders, regardless of its size. Flat rate starting at 4 € for EU and 6 € for the rest of the world. Estimated delivery time with DHL Express is 2 - 5 business days for Europe and 5 - 8 business days for the rest of the world.

      Free Shipping on orders above 90€

      All orders above 90 € will get FREE SHIPPING. Estimated delivery time is 6 - 9 business days for orders within Europe and 9 - 15 business days for the rest of the world. The parcel will be delivered by your local postal service.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 114 reviews
      Great products with a bit of packaging annoyance

      We love the door dragon and the cat measuring stickers for our son. They were easy to apply. He only annoyance was all the colorful hole punched paper in the packaging. They’re just as annoying as glitter. I know they were meant to be cute but I could have done without. The cat measurement sticker also peeled off some wall paint but that could be an issue with the paint and not the sticker.

      Nice product

      Nice product! Very pleased with the product. Can easily recommend these products to others.



      We enyoj it every day

      We enyoj it every day.

      Awesome customer experience

      Ordered a number of products and the CRM and attention to detail across the customer experience Made of Sundays offers is exceptional. Wall art is great and door stickers super fun. Well done guys!

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      Because your products are amazing and put a smile on everyone's face! And because you tell me that I'm an awesome person! ;-)

      Katleen, Belgium

      Fantastic idea. Good work. Nice items. Sweet customer service. Individual style. Fast shipping.

      Lilly, Germany

      A wonderful company to deal with! Thank you for the delightful sale, speedy service and wonderful product.

      Jacqueline, New Zeeland